Our project estimation software provides better cost estimates with increased accuracy. We make your data work for you to sell with speed, confidence, and a stronger probability of closing. Created within a multi-user interface, our project estimating software allows you to move faster with transparency and precision. You will scale with confidence, knowing that secure data is powering every move.

Project Dashboard for Estimation Projects

Why you need Oxalis Estimation ?

Escape Excel

Excel is not only insufficient from a collaboration perspective, but it is also a risk to your organization. A slip of a finger, cell, or formula error could cause millions in revenue to be missed or even worse, position your organization for a loss on the contract.

Couple this with the inability to harness your data for improved win rates and predictive cost estimates, and you now have a strong reason to move to our project estimation software.

Increased Accuracy

Increase Accuracy

Work smarter, not harder. Analyze and calculate project margins and compare similar projects. Use previous projects or items as templates, copy within and between projects, and view a full audit trail of changes made. The Oxalis Estimation software not only allows for greater accuracy but also sets you up for our Predictive estimation capabilities.

This exciting roadmap of capability will become your future competitive advantage. It’s your data … you should make it work for you.


Work Items

Move faster to bid with the Oxalis project estimation software. Tight timelines, large teams, and tribal knowledge are risks to your estimation process. Our multi-user interface enables your team to work alongside each other on projects, with live updates, assignments, and the ability to leave notes throughout the project. Additionally, each project has an associated file structure, eliminating the need for versioning and long email chains while providing explicit detail throughout each step of the workflow.

One Secure Platform

With controlled and integrated access, you can easily set up your team of Estimators. Allow Project Managers to view but not edit your estimates, limiting the risk of errors. Enable Subcontractors to enter their own pieces of the estimate with minimum information displayed, protecting your lucrative data.

Beneath this functionality is a fully NIST and ITAR compliant infrastructure, hosted or deployed to your local Server, prioritizing your security before it is too late.

Secure Platform

Secure Login


Multi-Year Estimation

One Live Platform

Compare Margins

Copy Estimates, Works Items, or Lines

Attach Files and References

Import and Export Estimate Information

Assign Owners and Reviewers

Build and reuse calculators to standardize estimation and to produce consistent results across a professional estimation organization.

Capture decades long experience from your team to fuel future bid and knowledge growth.

Preset Calculators

Projects are not one-size-fits-all. When your projects span years, Oxalis Estimation will span with you.

Users can create periods for projects that may span multiple years. This enables the work items, rate cards and reporting to be assigned to the entire project (Global) or a specific period.

Multi Year Estimation

Watch your estimate build in real-time. Oxalis Estimation is a zero-click refresh platform meaning you can watch your estimate change live on-screen real-time as it comes together. Use this capability to understand progress, margin changes, and activity to get to bid faster. Keyboard shortcuts accelerate data entry rivaling offline spreadsheet performance. It’s a pleasure to use.

Action Log

Multiple rate cards per efforts, a default structure, or customizable allow for many configuration of pricing per effort, per material, or per labor role. Estimating management can flex these powers to produce the optimal margin.

Compare Margins

The power of Oxalis Estimation is its ability to leverage estimates you may have done in the past. Copy work items, schedules, labor breakdowns, steps, and more. The power to leverage your data is what Oxalis Estimation provides.

Any estimate will tell you they need the spec, the request, or the diagram to estimate effectively. Associate files securely to your project or work items. Stay organized and accurate with Oxalis Estimation's file organization capability.

Files and Folders

Need to start from a price sheet or prior estimate? Import it in. Move faster and leverage prior excel information by getting it actionable on Oxalis Estimation. Don't let that data go to waste. Utilize any number of exports to get it into your customers required format.

Import a Project

Collaborate by assigning owners and reviews. Be effective in your cadence and manage your team. Live updates will let you know data is getting entered. All of this at your fingertips.

Work Items