About Us

Learn about The Team of Maritime Technology Experts behind Oxalis Ship Repair System—Estimation.

Date : 10.12.2020 Author : Branden Andersen


Oxalis is a technology consulting firm founded in the Pacific Northwest, offering senior-level advisory to all aspects of your organization.

We provide advisory, consulting and technical services to the public and private sectors. We design, implement and deploy managed technology solutions tailored to your specific requirements, using an Agile approach to deploy on your terms.

Our deep experience and uncommon perspective results from a background in working with many of the world’s most respected brands, and most demanding clients. These include Deloitte Consulting, Nike, L3, Verizon, Toyota, Chevron and many more. Blending experience and passion with innovative practices, our Agile approach allows us to holistically solve problems with solutions aligned with clients’ strategic objectives.